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Depend Maximum Protection Briefs

Depend Maximum Protection Briefs

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Maximum Absorbency

Depend Maximum Protection Briefs are perfect for day or night! Designed for both men and women, and offer maximum protection for heavy to complete loss of bladder/bowel control.

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Depend Briefs concentrate extra absorbent material in the center of the brief for better overnight leakage protection. The ultra ABSORB-LOC Protection quickly absorbs and locks fluid away, while the Stay-Dry Liner keeps moisture away from your skin. Soft leakage barriers protect against side leaks, while the elastic waistband provides a close, comfortable fit. Six tabs provide discreet open changing. Latex free.
  1. Best product ever Review by Lesley

    I LOVE HDIS!!! Such a HASSLE to find product in stores. (Posted on 7/24/13)

  2. Wonderful Diaper Review by Jason

    I think these are great diapers. I wear Depends Maximum Protection Diapers at nights. I recently had a kidney stone removed. I am having to take a pretty strong diuretic to help my kidneys. I am a very heavy sleeper. (Posted on 6/23/13)

  3. great daytime diaper Review by PAW

    I have a 19 year old special needs son. He is totally incontinent and has never been trained. We have tried many diapers .To help minimize the accidents we use the Depend Protection diapers during the day. We almost never have leaking or accidents. If you put them on straight and snug-they will work great. And they are not bulky and can be worn under clothes without much notice. The blue stripe down the middle helps to guide putting it on straight. And it lets you know if the diaper is wet-the stripe disappears. At night we don't use this diaper as it isn't quite heavy enough.We then use Tranquility ATN (all thru the night) with great success. (Posted on 5/29/13)

  4. not the greatest Review by Steve

    not the greatest diaper for someone like me, who has sudden loss of a lot of urine. the depend leaked on me every time. they fit pretty well though. i would recommend this diaper for someone who has light to moderate urine loss, as it requires immediate changing. if you are a heavy wetter, look for another product. (Posted on 3/12/13)

  5. depends Review by scooter

    The tapes stick to the plastic and they leak really bad. (Posted on 6/12/12)

  6. you can depend on Depend Review by momstamps

    I use these for my 12 year old who is cognitively impaired but physically able. He runs and jumps like no other. As long as these are put on him properly (i.e. no sagging and gaps between the legs) they do a great job! Even with him on the trampoline, swing and running they don't get in his way. My only complaint is that the tape rips the plastic so if you don't get it on right the first time, you have to start over with a new one - and they aren't cheap! (Posted on 3/2/12)

  7. For lighter incontinence only Review by Merp

    These briefs have a VERY slow wick and do not hold very much. Over night is not an option for me with Depends because they are slow to wick. The tapes are terrible and break away. Add together the slow wick and tapes that don't hold and you have the recipe for a very embarassing experience. (Posted on 2/2/12)

  8. Better then one might think from the reviews Review by dave82

    True they aren't the best diapers on the planet, the plastic sometimes can be very noisy, they are too thin for overnight use... but they are easily available, they are good for odor and if taped right they don't leak and they hold an ok amount of liquid for their size. They are good for if you have bowel issues and an overactive bladder as they will hold in most messes. (Posted on 12/31/11)

  9. These are okay Review by GM

    I have used these in the past when traveling as Depends are often the only product you can find. I mainly use Tranquility during in the day and overnight. Tranquility gives you a good feeling, you know you'll stay dry. Depends are terrible compared to Tranquility. (Posted on 11/27/11)

  10. good but there is room for improvement Review by AW

    I often use these diapers. I like the fit and comfort level, but I wish they had more absorbent material, even if that made them thicker. (Posted on 11/25/11)

  11. diaper review Review by none

    I think the absorbency is good but the tapes tend to not be tight enough and if you are trying to be discreet the plastic can be noisy. I prefer the TENA Stretch Super over these but for the price Depend makes a good diaper.
    (Posted on 9/6/11)

  12. always come back to Depend Review by Matt

    Depends are under rated in my opinion by most people. They are so comfortable and work well for my bedwetting. Only reason its minus 1 star is because they are too thin and leak sometimes. Easy way to make them the best is by using a booster pad. Once you do that you'll never use another diaper! Good job Depend - just add some absorbancy power please! (Posted on 6/29/11)

  13. Avoid Review by 24/7

    The tapes either don't stick well or stick too well destroying the diaper when it is removed. The plastic is load and is isn't that absorbent for the thickness. (Posted on 6/27/11)

  14. love them Review by rock

    i need the large but they are very hard to find. Other than that these are the best out there. (Posted on 3/30/11)

  15. Mixed Review by MargKob

    First let me state that I know I am not the "average" user. I am a quadriplegic whose daily personal care is provided by various family and friends. I have been using this type of product for probably 20+ years and have tried various brands. I have found the Depend brand usually to be far superior. Years ago they started making "improvements" which always seemed to end up with better fit and comfort but less absorbency. I've very regretfully had to change brands, since in the end absorbency Is the most important thing, but I do long for the comfort and fit also, so I keep trying again. I'm now trying to add my own extra absorbency by using a couple of booster pads Inside each brief. So far it seems to be working. I for one certainly hope they stop making "improvements" and consider increasing the absorbency! (Posted on 3/23/11)

  16. depends Review by love to fish

    I been using adults diapers for 16 years now. Depend briefs became a great brief over the years. The things I don't like about depends is the diaper can rip sometimes when you pull off the tapes. (Posted on 2/20/11)

  17. Wouldn't buy them again Review by Jim

    Next to impossible to put them on by yourself. Can never get them tight enough. Tape one side and the other is to tight or to loose. The protective underwear type products are much better. (Posted on 1/28/11)

  18. Great Product Review by Eric

    I have been wearing them for a while. Since I did Truck Diving with a day cab, hiding diapers was very hard. But having these was great. I could put a whole package in my suitcase and a few in my backpack for the day and none of the crew would know I would have diapers. Great package. The briefs work good for me. (Posted on 1/12/11)

  19. very good overall protection Review by draco

    these are not really good for heavy wetters but of you have light to moderate voids they work very well. the tapes allow for a custom fit, the plastic is not loud and does cause chafing or a wet feeling around the legs and they have have stand up leak guards. and the most important feature is you don't need to undress to change them and are easy to find if you travel a lot. the only down side if for people that have a heavy void, they may leak a bit for that. The white plastic hides well under light and loose clothing and does not have the bulk some other brands have. they are far better then the disposable underwear that so many other brands are going to.
    I am a 35 male and use these about 99% of the time. (Posted on 10/23/10)

  20. Not for everyone Review by Susan

    I ordered these for my 88 year old aunt because they were more protection than the standard pull up Depend underwear. Her vision is poor and she is frail so she had too much trouble trying to put them on herself. Went back to the old style. (Posted on 8/30/10)

  21. Depends for heavy bed wetting Review by Jaqualynn

    This is my primary brand of diaper. It's a good comfortable fit. However, having sleeping problems takes a toll for me. I toss and turn and frequently wake up during the night and find myself in need of a change because unfortunately this brand can't take being used more than once, maybe twice. (Heavy wetting multiple times during sleep.) Being thin is great and allows me to feel safe, comfortable, and discreet with friends or out in public, however I sometimes feel as if they may be too thin and therefore not as absorbent as I would prefer. Especially for frequent bed wetting, or if you (like me) unfortunately heavily wet the bed more than once a night. (However this brand is very comfortable to sleep in and still pretty reliable.) The thing I enjoy most about this specific brief is its plasticy exterior. The fabric exterior always chafes between my legs and frequently gives me a rash. If you experience this problem with fabric exterior briefs, I would personally suggest this brand. (Posted on 8/1/10)

  22. Depend Review by jean

    I wear this product daily....I love it. (Posted on 7/23/10)

  23. great product Review by tim

    I wear this product to work and it is great. I am happy with the 6 tape design for a snug fit. like the comfortable fit,not bulky and easy to hide under light clothing (Posted on 6/11/10)

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