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No-Rinse Shampoo

No-Rinse Shampoo

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No-Rinse Shampoo is ready to use, no water is needed. Just apply to your hair, lather and towel dry.

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Product Description
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No-Rinse provides safe, comfortable, and convenient hair care. Alcohol free. Available in 16 oz bottle or 1 Gallon size.
  1. Great product for people with a handicap! Review by Khaney46

    Great product for the handicapped! I use this product when I am unable to take a shower and my hair stays clean and fresh. I would recommend this shampoo to all. (Posted on 6/19/13)

  2. A time saver if you're in a hurry; It's washing your hair ...ANYWHERE! Review by T.D. Reed

    I was an over-the-road trucker, and this product was fabulous when time constraints limited access to a shower and shampoo. I would use this right in my truck's berthing area; lather and towel dry (just like it says on the bottle). I felt like I had showered because my hair felt soft to the touch and was very manageable. It has a nice pleasant fragrance that's not overpowering and very safe to use every day (although I rarely did!) This is a must for those who just want to freshen up their appearance, taking on camping trips, or if you're traveling for work or pleasure. It would be great for those extended hospital visits we all hate, too. This is a product I trust and most heartily recommend. (Posted on 11/14/12)

  3. no rinse shampoo Review by no rinse rocks!!!

    I just tried no rinse yesterday and loved it. No rinse shampoo left my hair clean and soft. I think it would work great on all hair types. (Posted on 1/8/12)

  4. Extra water can be used Review by Jerry

    I'm a hairstylist, and use this shampoo for home bound clients. It is an excellent product that cleans well. I do use a spray bottle of warm water to help rinse out any residue, although it is not needed. (Posted on 11/1/11)

  5. It feels as if I washed it normally! Review by KathyG

    I suffer from fibromyalgia (FM), have had 3 back surgeries, and have arthritis in my neck along with pinched nerves there too. It's really hard for me to make the effort to wash my hair normally. I had a friend from the chronic pain group I belong to mention this product and how great it was so I just had to give it a shot.

    I used this product for the first time last night and I am amazed at how soft and clean my hair feels today! I used the conditioner with it, not certain if that makes a huge difference. Very little effort was needed to clean and soften my hair and I am absolutely thrilled with the results! The only thing I did notice today was that I had a little white residue on my boar bristle hair brush this morning after styling my hair. I will try to use a more absorbent towel next time and see if that makes a difference.

    The main thing is, it feels as if I had washed my hair normally! Not being sure how it would work out for me I only ordered 16oz to start, I'm back today to order more! I have shoulder length, thick hair and it took about 1/4 of a bottle to saturate my hair. Next time I will put it in a spray bottle as I think I'd have better control when applying it.

    So, bottom line - if you've ever thought about using a no water/no rinse shampoo but weren't sure, wonder no more! Order some of this today and you'll never want to use water to wash your hair ever again! (Posted on 8/9/11)

  6. easy time saver Review by Kris

    I am handicapped and need assistance getting in and out of a bath. This shampoo helps me get fresh clean hair in no time. (Posted on 10/20/10)

  7. Cleans hair well and easy to use Review by Leda

    No-Rinse shampoo is wonderful product to use when getting in a bath tub or shower is not an option. My mother was introduced to No Rinse shampoo during an extended hospital stay. I'm glad we were able to find this shampoo to use at home. It really does a nice job leaving hair clean and manageable considering you don't use any water to rinse it out. The only thing is, the shampoo is much more watery than regular shampoo so have a towel ready to catch any drips as you wash your hair and another clean towel to dry your hair when you're done. (Posted on 6/14/10)

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