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Poise Hourglass Pads, Ultimate

Poise Hourglass Pads, Ultimate

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Moderate Absorbency

New Hourglass shape to improve fit and comfort. Specifically designed to protect you against bladder leaks.

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Product Description
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- Features a triple-layer core for increased absorbency
- Stand-up leak shields (leg guards)
- Multi-color print -- paisley print with different shades of purple
- Individually wrapped
- 12.5" x 4.5" at ends, 2.75" in middle
- Entire pad is 13.25" in length, middle has 4.25" side shields
- Latex free
  1. the ultimate Review by Connie

    Poise Ultimate Hourglass Pads work for me. I wish I could get away with using something thinner but I like having the ultimate absorbency in case I need it. (Posted on 3/1/13)

  2. Don't like hourglass Review by Maryjen

    I don't like the hourglass shape at all. Too thin in the center. I can't imagine why poise people would think these were an improvement. Lost a customer. (Posted on 10/19/12)

  3. Great Product!! Review by Ms. J

    I love these. I am a big girl (325) and the Poise Hourglass fit me perfect. For those having a problem with them, you have to make sure they are in place when you initially put them on. I find this to be true with all Poise Pads. The smaller ones don't work, but all of the ultimate and maximum do......for me. (Posted on 8/28/12)

  4. Silly shape - too narrow and thin in the middle Review by Cora

    The hour glass shape is not useful to me. The width in the middle should be as much as at either end. The pad should be more absorbent and thick in the middle. The extra width at the end is useless.

    The package should state the width in inches and centimeters in the middle and end, and the length of the pad. To buy them and then find them too narrow or too short is a terrible waste of money. It is confusing that there are many varieties and they sizes and qualities keep changing.

    The idea of hourglass shape is silly. It must have been dreamed up by a man or an artist, not by a woman who has suffered from incontinence. Believe me there is a big difference between theory and practice. Rectangular shape fits reality. Adhesive should cover the whole pad so that it will stay flat, adhered to the panty, and not bunch up. (Posted on 5/28/12)

  5. Need an improvement Review by ckm

    I like these pads but I still have a problem with them overflowing before the front and back sections of the pad are used. So leaking is still a problem. They need some sort of wicking system to move the moisture away from the center to both ends. (Posted on 5/1/12)

  6. I love hourglass Ultimates Review by SunnySandy

    For one thing, the heart shape goes in the front, not the back, read the arrows on the rip off cover on the sticky strip. I used ultimate longs in the old Poise design but then they started rolling into a sausage. Just then I got a free hourglass pad and boy was it better deisgned for me. The shape is more comfortable and I have never had a spill with these pads. (Posted on 3/25/12)

  7. good product Review by davis88

    I have been buying these for awhile now. I just really like the coverage and fit. I will try the longs to see if I like those as well. Poise makes good pads. (Posted on 2/27/12)

  8. Love them Review by Sue

    I like the Poise Hourglass pads and find them very comfortable and absorbent. (Posted on 1/31/12)

  9. Great Hour-Glass Ultimate Review by Marge

    The new hourglass shape Ultimate pad works the best for me. It works much better than the old Overnight pad. (Posted on 1/15/12)

  10. Not for Heavy women Review by Sueboo

    I am a heavy person (350 lbs) and I need a wider and longer pad. These and all the other ones I have tired bunch up to a really narrow pad and do not give me much protection. If the pads were wider it would give more protection. Also why can't the sticky strip on the back cover the entire back of the pad? It's way too narrow and causes the pad's sides to roll inward. I have only found one panty liner that has sticky covering the entire back of the pad and I know that a thick pad could have the same coverage. I have tried name brands and generic pads and they all do the same thing. How about thinking of us larger women when designing these pads, we need them just as much as a slim person does. (Posted on 1/12/12)

  11. no good Review by sam

    does not hold liquid as well, also found it contains something in it that caused a rash develop with each use!!
    (Posted on 1/4/12)

  12. For me, these are GREAT. Review by LadyJ

    They are so absorbent, I don't need the longer lengths. I have to go up stairs several times a day. When I wear longs, they are so bulky, I'm self conscious when someone is behind me. These are so absorbent, I can rely on them for protection (and comfort). (Posted on 1/2/12)

  13. uncomfortable Review by unhappy

    Nothing about these pads make sense. That heart shape at the back causes them to roll up and I end up with the tape sticking to my skin at the back end. The tape is applied off center and I either have to place them too far to the left or contend with tape hanging over my panties and sticking to my inner thigh. I also fail to see where they are more narrow in the center, they just appear to be wider on either end. (Posted on 12/25/11)

  14. Over all post Review by Pat

    I love poise pads.....all of them. I do think these hourglass ones are a little short for me though. (Posted on 12/13/11)

  15. I love'em! Review by Pat

    I just love them. I use 2 different sizes because my needs are different at different times. I guess we are all different.. I use the Ultimate...these are very long, they work great! Then I use Maximum regular shaped pads...they absorb great.

    (Posted on 12/13/11)

  16. not good Review by vikie

    I love the shape but they are just not long enough! Also I have to change more often than the moderate longs as these start to fall apart. (Posted on 11/27/11)

  17. Good pad Review by sue ann

    I just tried a package of these Poise pads and they are more comfortable than most because of their hourglass design. My only criticism is that they are too short. (Posted on 11/23/11)

  18. Lousy product! Review by Snarky too

    I'm with Mrs. K. I had a sample pad and I wasn't impressed so I intended to buy the Regular Longs yesterday from $#%*@. I discovered I got a pack of Hourglass Longs disguised in a Regular package, and both last night and today I've had accidents leading to changing my clothes. They seem to act like a poorly absorbent tray section that simply spills over. I've never had this kind of problem with the Regular, and if I can no longer buy them, I will no longer be a Poise customer! (Posted on 11/1/11)

  19. Hourglass Review by AmySue

    I loved the new design. All these pads have had the same shape as my mother's Kotex pads from the 50's! They're more comfortable and because of the narrower design absorb better. (Posted on 10/14/11)

  20. Not Good Review by Mrs K

    The absorbency is not so good - the pads are way too short. I cannot rely on them for maximum protection. Give me the Poise regular long pads. (Posted on 9/27/11)

  21. NOT SO MUCH Review by Leaila

    Very good absorbency, but not long enough. (Posted on 9/23/11)

  22. Dissapointed Review by Anne

    The Ultimate protection pad is far too short in length to be used by anyone needing the maximum protection. The poise pad that is long and maximum strength fits terribly and falls apart within an hour use even if NO leakage appears. I wonder just who is testing these so called new products? (Posted on 9/19/11)

  23. Very Good! Review by LadyRhea

    I love these pads. Very nice in design and absorbency! (Posted on 9/5/11)

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