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Reassure Easy-Tab Undergarments

Reassure Easy-Tab Undergarments

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Moderate Absorbency

New & Improved! (as of Spring 2011)
Now with larger hook-and-loop tabs to keep straps in place. The backsheet has been upgraded to allow the tabs to be placed anywhere for a more comfortable and secure fit.


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Product Description
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Reassure Easy-Tab Undergarments feature:
  • Hook and loop straps for a custom fit.
  • Cloth-like backing that is discreet under clothing.
  • Skin-Soft Lining helps keep skin dry and feeling fresh.
  • Gel-Dry Polymer to lock away wetness and neutralize odors.
  • Ultra-quiet, waterproof outer layer
  • Each bag comes with two sets of washable elastic straps.
  • One size fits all up to 54" waist/hip (whichever is larger).
  • Latex-free.

  1. IRRITATED with this product!!!! Review by Jeanne

    I'm sorry I even bought this item! I quoted velcro because it isn't even REAL velcro on the tab! This product is a wannabe to the far superior Depend velcro undergarments. Reassure USED to make an item that was far superior than button or velcro tabs and that was their pull up undergarment of which they don't make anymore! I am so disgusted with this product and the fact that I cannot return it because it's been opened so I guess I'm stuck with keeping it. I guess it will work if I STAPLE the tab to the underwear to ensure the tab doesn't "pop" off! (Posted on 1/27/11)

  2. Overall, it could be a good product, but the fastening system is unacceptable Review by James

    As an ex-Depend with velcro user, I had high hopes for this product. Actually, the briefs themselves are pretty good, but the cheap "hook and loop" fastening system is worthless. My experience was that getting the "velcro" to adhere like it was supposed to do was way more trouble than it was worth and I even tried using some spare Depend straps with Velcro -- but that was no better.

    When made the way Depend used to make them, the Velcro tab briefs were far easier and faster to use than buttons, and the tabs made them really adjustable. Overall, a Velcro tab brief is far superior to the button version, in my opinion. But only when it works, and this cheap version does not work well at all. If they improve the fastening system for these I will switch to them in a heartbeat, but for now, I will reluctantly return to the button version. The sad thing is that this company has a chance to sell a lot of this product, but only if it will do it right. (Posted on 8/15/10)

  3. Three stars Review by Jane

    I agree with Jean review. I cannot find the Depend Velcro version any where. The Reassure Easy Tabs are better in some way than Depends, but the velcro is not quite as good. The straps does not hold up to washing. Need more straps or make them better. (Posted on 6/17/10)

  4. Velcro on end of straps not attached securely and do not wash well. Review by Audrey

    I agree with Jean on her review. The straps were a problem for us. The velcro on the ends was not attached securely and they did not survive one washing. Would use if more straps were available until they get the kinks worked out. (Posted on 5/22/10)

  5. great product Review by Jean

    I used to use the Depend Velcro version of this product but HDIS doesn't sell them anymore, I don't think Depends makes them because I can't find them other at places either. The Reassure Easy Tabs are actually much better than Depends in some ways, I think they are actually a bit more absorbent and the fit is very good. However, the velcro is not quite as good, the straps pop off when you move a lot. It doesn't happen often, but seems to happen more than with the Depends. (Posted on 5/10/10)

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