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TENA/Serenity Overnight Pads

TENA/Serenity Overnight Pads

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Moderate Absorbency

TENA Serenity Overnight Pads offer ultimate protection, allowing you to sleep worry-free.

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Product Description
Product Reviews
- Advanced absorption technology keeps you dry all night
- New wider-back design provides secure protection when lying down
- Soft cloth-like outer layer provides extra comfort
- Advanced odor protection
- Latex free
  1. Don't Like Review by Bobbie

    I liked the old over night pads better. These new over night pads leak more. (Posted on 9/3/12)

  2. Not the old style Review by SHARLIENE

    I will hunt out another brand that works. Good thing no vacations or long trips planned. (Posted on 8/22/12)

  3. I luv these overnight pads Review by Barbara

    I am so glad I found these great and comfortable overnight pads a year or so ago! I also love the long, thick pads as well. Thank you (Posted on 2/1/12)

  4. Not as good Review by Ruthie

    These pads are not as good as they once were, but they are still better than what else is out there. I hope they keep working on improvements. I find they leak before getting to the bathroom because they bunch up while laying down. They are too bulky for the daytime use. (Posted on 9/11/11)

  5. The old overnight pad wasn't broke, why did you fix it????? Hate the new pad Review by msladyjanuary

    I came across a pkg of the old overnight pads at my store, and thought I had found the perfect pad. I gave my 74 year old mom a few to try--she loved them as well. Then, neither one of us could find them in a store. Called the 1-800 number and found out the old overnight pads are no longer being made. What a big disappointment. Please bring back the old overnight pads--they are long and wide enough, and very absorbent and are great for day and night.

    I'm switching to a different brand as the new overnight pads are too short and not wide enough in the front. Goodbye Tena. (Posted on 3/15/11)

  6. love it Review by sweety

    I love the new style I fell it gives me the confidence a pad should. I no longer worry about leakage at night. (Posted on 12/13/10)

  7. old vs new overnites Review by old timer

    The OLD is Better !!! I guess I will have to use the NEW pads during the day, and the OLD ones for overniters.
    I love the OLD style. (Posted on 10/8/10)

  8. Love the new pad Review by Nita

    I love this new pad for the fit and comfort. The old one just bunched up between my thighs. They give real peace of mind. (Posted on 10/4/10)

  9. The old style was WAY more efficient!!! Review by Judy

    The new overnight pad is not nearly as effective as the old style. I wore it both for day and night and it was great. The new pad is too short, it somehow bunches up in the middle and can leave you with little protection whether lying down or walking around. Please bring back the old style! I take long airplane trips and it was the only pad that could be depended on, and I have tried them all. (Posted on 10/3/10)

  10. HATE the new pad Review by cookie

    I loved the old pads and all that was needed was to narrow the center portion. The new ones bunch up constantly, feels like you have a wad of paper stuck in your crotch - the glue on the pad is so sticky if the pad accidentally touches any part before you can get it in your underwear - it sticks like crazy and you have to pull it apart it then bunches the insides. Don't know what you did to the inside to think you made it great - it is awful. Did you have tons of complaints about the old style? ???? I used them day and night because I felt confident I would have no leaks before I could get to a bathroom. It was like Elaine on Seinfield - I went to every store I could find and bought out the old ones. I am now looking for another product. (Posted on 9/16/10)


    No doubt someone will like these new ones, but I find the new ones a sad change. The paper they're wrapped in is a waste of paper but I'm sure but no doubt it brings in more money to the company. Why not get rid of the paper & add a couple more pads to each package. The only thing this new style is good for is to add it to the pullups when a restroom is not conveniently available when shopping. I must drive an hour and a half to reach my primary care doctor and on this state's state-of-the-art highway system, it's easy off but you can get lost trying to get back on and continue the journey. Please bring back the old. (Posted on 7/27/10)

  12. Hate the change Review by Suzicaregiver

    The change to the new style pad is a joke. It's not any wider in the back than it was before. It's shorter, not as absorbent and the individually wrappers are a waste of money. I use these for my 91 year old mother and we have many more leaks. It's not long enough to cover fully when lying down (and they call the overnight pads). I went to all the stores and bought up all the old ones I could. Now I'm stuck with the new ones. I want the old style back. I think the only improvement was to Tena's bottom line. (Posted on 7/21/10)

  13. the perfect pad Review by Sharon

    I can now sleep soundly at night, something I haven't been able to do for years. I love the wider back. This is the best pad for overnight protection. I just wish the front part was a bit wider as well. This is a review of the new Serenity Overnight Pad. It is a big improvement over the old pad. (Posted on 7/7/10)

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