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What is a Booster Pad?

Booster pads are designed to be worn in addition to your primary absorbent garment. They fit comfortably inside of protective underwear and briefs, and they also fit on top of regular pads. Booster pads provide an additional layer of protection and offer a unique, flow-through design. Multiple booster pads can be layered together for added protection. Since booster pads do not feature a plastic backing, it is crucial to wear these products inside or on top of your regular absorbent product. Booster pads should never be worn alone.

Booster pads can also help customers save money! Wearing a booster pad on top of a regular absorbent product will extend the life of the main garment, since the user would change the booster pad instead of the primary absorbent garment. Booster pads cost less than regular pads, protective underwear and briefs, so they allow customers to save money!

Booster pads also help customers save money on overnight coverage. Once customers find their perfect fit pull-up for the day, it can be frustrating to find another more absorbent version to last all night long. By using a booster pad, customers can wear their favorite garment and add a booster pad on top, instead of purchasing multiple types of main products.   

Finally, booster pads are very convenient! Customers who wear booster pads on top of their regular absorbent product can easily go on lunch dates and to doctor appointments.  When using a public restroom, it is much easier to change a booster pad than to take off protective underwear, which requires the removal of shoes and pants. Customers can stay dry and comfortable, and easily enjoy a day out! 

For customers with sensitive skin, the Reassure brand offers a hypoallergenic booster pad, made without any harsh chemicals, inks or dyes. The Reassure Premium Cotton Comfort Liner features an ultra-thin core technology infused with generous amounts of Gel-dry polymer that provides greater absorption and locks away wetness and odors. 

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