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Podsy Glass Cleaning System

64 oz of simple and effective glass and window cleaning. Just drop a pod into the bottle, fill with water, shake, and clean. Pods dissolve in water.

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Great for use on glass, windows, and hard, washable, nonporous surfaces. Deposits an invisible coating that resists re-soiling, smearing, and fingerprints while effectively freshening the surrounding environment.


The Podsy Pure™ formula is biodegradable and free of toxic chemicals like ammonia, bleach, phosphates, phthalates, parabens, pesticides, formaldehyde and endocrine disruptors. When diluted as directed, safe around children and pets.


System Includes: (1) 16oz spray bottle + 4 refill pods

Refill Tube Includes: 4 refill pods


  • Podsy Glass Cleaning Pods each create 16 oz of cleaner. No need to cut, tear or open. Simply drop one pod into its spray bottle and add water! Fill the bottle 4 times with included refills.
  • Powerful and effective glass cleaner engineered to clean dirt, dust, and grime from glass and windows, leaving a streak-free shine!
  • Create Ready-To-Use Glass Cleaner in under 2 minutes at a fraction of the cost of traditional Ready-To-Use Cleaners.
  • Simply Fresh Scent


DIRECTIONS: Simply drop one pod into its matching 16 oz spray bottle and add cold tap water. Wait one minute and shake. Adjust nozzle to spray setting and simply spray and wipe off with a clean lint-free microfiber cloth. This glass cleaner is safe and effective on all hard, washable, non-porous surfaces such as glass, windows, window frames and mirror frames.


FIRST AID & WARNINGS - Consequences of improper use: Improper use can result in damage to surfaces and increased risk of health effects. Follow directions for dilution on package.




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