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No Mo O Pillow Protector, Standard

No Mo "O" Pillow Protector offers a hygienic sleeping environment for your family! This pillow protector is machine washable, protects against bacteria, is dust mite proof, and is stretchable for easy fit and comfort.

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Provide a more hygienic sleeping environment for you and your family with No Mo “O” Premium Pillow Protectors! Designed to protect and preserve your pillows from stains and odors with its 100% cotton terry outside and its waterproof membrane inside. They are machine-washable and stretchable for an easy fit on your mattress. Some great advantages:

  • Hygienic sleeping environment for your family 
  • Machine washable 
  • Protects against bacteria 
  • Dust mite proof 
  • Stretchable for easy fit and comfort
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