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ThermiPaq Hot/Cold Pain Relief Wrap

The ThermiPaq Hot & Cold Pain Relief Wrap uses a flexible, thermal ceramic compound made from all-natural, clay-based materials. 


Medium: 6" x 12" 

XL: 9.5" x 16" 


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Developed by a former NASA engineer, this revolutionary “Theramics" compound utilizes radiant energy to create a deep penetrating, therapeutic system for hot or cold applications. The clay-based properties of Theramics enable you to easily mold the ThermiPaq pad to any affected area for better pain relief including the back, knees, ankles and elbow. ThermiPaq is safe and easy to use. For hot therapy, the pad quickly heats in the microwave (see instructions for actual times). For cold therapy, place the pad in the freezer for use in just one hour.

• Delivers therapeutic hot or cold treatment at optimum levels.
• Filled with all-natural, clay-based materials. Non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally safe.
• Soft, washable latex-free cloth cover
• Medium - 6” x 12”, weights 1.5 lbs.
• X-Large - 9.5” x 12”, weights 2 lbs.

We are currently unable to ship this product to customers in Florida, Tennesse or Alabama. 

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