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Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier (Blue)

Increase air moisture for easier breathing and a good night sleep!

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Crane's Droplet design complements any home’s decor. Not only are Crane Droplet Humidifiers stylish, but they are easy to use, whisper quiet, and feature Antimicrobial Material in the base to help reduce mold and bacteria growth by up to 99.96%. This compact, BPA Free unit, uses ultrasonic technology to add humidity to the air, is more efficient than a household light bulb, and includes a built-in auto-shut-off feature that engages when the water tank is empty to ensure safety.

  • Ultrasonic Cool Mist increases air moisture for easier breathing and a good night’s sleep
  • Relieves cough, cold, and flu symptoms, nasal congestion, dry cough, sinus irritation, nose bleeds, and dry skin and hair
  • Recommended non-medicated alternative to over the counter cough and cold medicine
  • Removable half gallon tank easily fits under most bathroom sinks
  • Runs whisper quiet up to 15 hours
  • Variable mist output dial with 360° mist nozzle mists 1 gallon of moisture per fill
  • Effectively humidifies small and medium rooms
  • Does not require a filter
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Bonus - 1 year free subscription coupon to Better Homes & Gardens Magazine included in packaging
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