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Ca-Rezz Cream

Protect and soothe your irritated skin with Ca-Rezz Cream, a non-greasy antibacterial cream. Leaves skin healthy, soft and silky smooth. 9.7 oz tube.

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Ca-Rezz is an Incontinent Skin Care System that provides the toughest antibacterial barrier against today's complex pathogens, while gently treating the skin with the consideration and sensitivity it deserves. Scientifically formulated with triclosan and nonoyxnonl-9 the Ca-Rezz product line ensures the maximum level of protection against the bacteria, fungi and yeasts that cause skin breakdown and infection. At the same time, Ca-Rezz gentle healing formula of vitamins, moisturizers, humectants, and emollients leave the skin feeling, healthy, soft and fresh.


Note: this product is not designed for use as a hand santizier. 

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