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Oxytrol Patch For Women

New! Oxytrol is the first and only transdermal patch to treat overactive bladder.

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Oxytrol® For Women is the first and only over-the-counter treatment that can help give you day and night relief from your most bothersome symptoms of Overactive Bladder (OAB). Discreet and easy to wear, each Oxytrol® For Women patch lasts up to four days, so you’re free to focus on the things that matter most. Each Oxytrol® For Women patch delivers 3.9mg of oxybutynin for a continuous four days and nights. By helping to relax the bladder muscle, Oxytrol® For Women helps reduce urgency, frequency and accidents associated with OAB.

• Each Oxytrol® For Women patch provides four days and nights of continuous relief
• Thin flexible patch that can be worn during everyday activities, including showering and exercising
• Discreetly applied to the abdomen, hips or buttocks
• The active ingredient, oxybutynin, does not pass through the liver and digestive tract in order to initially get into your bloodstream.
• No Prescription Required!

Warnings :

  • Do not use if you have any of these symptoms, which could be a sign of a UTI or other serious condition.  See your doctor as soon as possible if you have:
    • Pain or burning when urinating.  These symptoms may also be accompanied by a fever or chill
    • Blood in your urine
    • Unexplained lower back or side pain
    • Urine that is cloudy, or foul-smelling
  • Do not use if you are male.  Your symptoms may be due to a more serious condition.
  • Do not use if you are under the age of 18.  It is not known if it works or is safe in children.
  • Do not use if you only experience accidental urine loss when you cough, sneeze or laugh, you may have stress incontinence.  This product will not work for that condition.
  • Other Information:
    • Product comes in individual sealed pouches, do not use if pouch has been torn or opened
    • Store between 20° to 25°C (68° to 77°F)
    • Protect from moisture and humidity
    • Do not store outside the sealed pouch


Applying the Oxytrol® For Women patch is as easy as following these simple steps.

Step 1
Open one pouch and apply immediately (see step 2). Do not use if pouch is torn or opened.

Step 2
Apply patch immediately to a clean, dry and smooth area of the skin on your abdomen, hips or buttocks. Do not put the patch on oily, damaged (cut or scraped), or irritated (rashes) skin. Do not put the patch on skin with oils, lotions or powders because that could keep the patch from sticking to your skin. Wear the patch under clothing. Do not expose the patch to sunlight. Do not cut the patch into smaller pieces.

Step 3
Wear only one patch at a time for four days in a row. After four days, remove the used patch and apply a new one. Each time you put on a new patch, change the place where you put it (i.e. abdomen, hips or buttocks). If a patch falls off and you cannot press it back onto your skin, use a new patch. Apply the new patch in a different area of skin on your abdomen, hips or buttocks.

Step 4
When you take off the used patch, fold it in half with the sticky sides together and throw it away so that it cannot be worn or swallowed by another person, especially a child, or a pet.



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