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Bed Underpad 32" x 36"

Salk CareFor Deluxe - Reusable Waterproof Underpads are washable, stain-resistant and made in the USA!  The feature a non-slip outer layer, waterproof binding that locks in liquids and they block odor, mildew and bacterial growth!


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Salk CareFor Deluxe - Reusable Waterproof Underpads are coated with a special treatment to keep away bacteria, mildew, and odors while keeping the bedding clean and dry.  Each underpad has a double layer of incontinent protection. The soft quilted top layer wicks away moisture and prevents bunching. The super-absorbent inner layer traps fluids while the waterproof binding locks in liquids.

Salk CareFor Deluxe - Reusable Waterproof Underpads Features:

• Washable
• Stain-resistant
• Made in the USA
• Non-slip outer layer
• Waterproof binding locks in liquids
• Blocks odor, mildew, and bacterial growth


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